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OK!  We get it!  You want to  know about that "Trina-thinga-medusa-lookin-thinga"  The Trinacria is everywhere at Legacies!  The Trinacria - at its core - is a Triskelion.  It has its own roots in primitive form and in similar symbols in many other ancient cultures.  Fussen, Germany and The Isle of Man are two other examples where the Trinacria is a heralded symbol.  The Greeks and Eastern cultures have also have a long history of it in similar forms.  In Homer's Odyssey, Sicily is named Thrinakie and it represents the three points, or capes of Sicily:  Peloro, Passero, and Lilibeo.  We have a long standing association, pride, reverence and liking for this ancient symbol.  A lot of our family heritage is particularly Sicilian as opposed to generally Italian and Spanish.  (Yes - there is a difference to many people on both sides of the Atlantic between Sicilian and Italian!) The Trinacria is officially part of the Region of Sicily Flag.  The flag has two background colors, yellow (representing the town of Corleone) and red (representing Palermo)  In Tyndari, Sicily we have seen an ancient mosaic of the Trinacria in the ruins. It has been the symbol of Sicily over the millennia and has endured long past your average As Seen on TV gadget.  Gianna has a long history with the local parade group "Krewe of Italia" as a charter member.  Their krewe symbol is the Trinacria.  Over the years we have hosted music performers from Agrigento, Sicily at our home.  We have noted the showmanship and attention to detail they have for the Trinacria in their own trinkets, costumes and jewelry.  We appreciate things with a long term, historical perspective.  It reminds us of the commonality of human triumphs, failures, desires and fears across the ages and amid all cultures.   We all can take away something from each culture we explore but more importantly we have the opportunity to give something as well.  For the short time we are here together, give respect and friendship as we eat well and honor our Legacies.