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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cucina Italiana?

An Italian Kitchen.  Not Ostentatious Not Pretentious.

Are you all from Sicily?

We are Proud Americans, who came into existence long after the American Indians.  We also proudly acknowledge and identify our Sicilian heritage, which means we have had our "people's" conquered and commanded by many.  Let the record reflect that we have  many genetic, geographical, national and cultural influences.  Can't we all just get along?

Is Gianna or Joe the boss?

Are you kidding?  No comment.

We went on a Cruise Ship. On board many of our dinner dishes were crafted into pretty forms and artistic shapes.  Can you do this at Legacies?


I would like to have crusty French bread for my shrimp dish.  Can you make some?


Do you have anything against the French?

No, In fact, All of Joe's great aunts had French names and we have many direct family ties to New Orleans, La.

What music do you play at Legacies?

A lot of Frank Sinatra, some Pavarotti  & Bocelli and even Pete Fountain (Yes, Pete has French lineage)

Why don't you make Risotto, or other refined Italian dishes?

We are a Cucina Italiana.  We make rougher, heartier styles of food with a lot less finesse but definitely with a helluva lot of heart and soul.  If you are looking for a white table cloth and more expensive fare, come on in and we can recommend some great Italian restaurants that we like!  Again, We are a "Cucina Italiana."

What does "break the chain" mean on your T-shirts and social media?

We have a philosophy that many chain restaurants, particularly Italian ones, can sometimes lose their roots as they become giant corporate machines.  We occasionally make mistakes here at Legacies - We are not perfect.  Nevertheless, We will never water down your drink, ignore you or treat you like a ticket number.  We ask you to break yourself free from the restaurant chain mentality.  Come experience our authentic hospitality.  See our Promo Video.    It should provide a sense of who we are.

Do you have three-legged, lady strippers at Legacies?

No.  The three legged symbol you see everywhere at Legacies is a Trinacria - 

We are not a "strip joint."  We are a family friendly "Cucina Italiana".

What is the Trinacria?

See our "Trinacria" icon on the home page.  

3,000 years of World History is too much for a FAQ page.

Have you actually seen a "real life" Trinacria in Sicily?

Yes, but it wasn't really "alive" per se.  It was a mosaic in the ruins of Tyndari on the north coast of Sicily between Cefalu' and Messina. We have also traveled near Fussen, Germany and we did not see a Trinacria, dead or alive.

While you were in Sicily, did you see persons you suspected whom were in the Mafia?

No.  Interestingly, one year Gianna and Joe were in a restaurant in the actual town of Corleone while traveling in Sicily.  Many well dressed gentleman in the bar area spoke in hushed tones and kept staring at Joe. At first, we thought they we're Mafiosi. Later, It was realized that Joe was wearing an ill fitting jacket with tennis shoes and they were probably wondering what his lovely wife was doing with a guy like him.

Are any of you in the Mafia?

No, but we have watched the Godfather movie numerous times and have also read many of the Mario Puzzo novels.

Gianna, if you could be characterized or magically transformed for a day as someone else  - Whom would you be?

Cleopatra, Sophia Lauren, George Clooney's wife, John Travolta's wife

Joe, if you could secretly be one person, an alter ego if you will, whom would you be?

Some of my ancestors were from the walled city of Alife', in Caserta near Naples.  The 4th largest colosseum in Italy has been unearthed there in recent history.  Various studies have revealed the gladiators fighting, training and funeral rituals may have actually begun steps from the doors of our paesani - broadly in Campania - and in the nearby towns of Cerrito Sannita  (Samnites!) and Beneventum (today's Benevento). So, would I be a Gladiator? Only those who really know me could answer that.

Ummm, there was a lot of garlic in my Aglio e Olio dish and it was chunky?

We rough chop fresh peeled garlic for our dishes. You are welcome to go to the neighborhood supermarket in the spice aisle and get garlic powder, etc.  

Do you eat the food from Legacies?

Yes. We bring leftovers home.  We also eat our menu items throughout the morning, day and night. We also eat our own menu items at our private parties at Legacies. Yes and Yes. Certainly Yes we do.

Do you ever burn food or get an order wrong?

Yes, we are not super human, but in fact merely mortal with flaws and sin.