Thank you to all of our loyal customers! Our next adventure awaits!

We have closed our Fowler Ave location. Legacies of Tampa, Inc started five years ago. We operated a national franchise sandwich shop and then our own Italian Restaurant. Our lease expired and we will now spend more time with our family.  We have met so many great people along our journey.  Their good will and wishes will never be forgotten.

Standby for our next business venture!


Gianna and Joe Caravella, all the "Tags" and related Caravella family members.

Break Free from the franchise restaurant chain syndrome and visit authentic "Mom and Pop".  We showcase imported 100% Sicilian organic olive oil straight from Santo Stefano di Quisquina, one of our ancestral villages.  See our "Promo Video" 

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5001 E. Fowler Av Tampa, FL 33617